2019 International Vocal Competition

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    Amani Cole-Felder
    Encouragement Award

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    Elizaveta Ulakhovich
    Third Place

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    Junior Committee Honoree Josh Campbell hosts a table

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    (left to right): Derreck Stark 2nd place, Jessica Faselt 3rd Place & Errin Duane Brooks 5th Place

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    Raquel Saruez Groen
    Star of Phantom of the Opera
    receives Alumni Award from host Scott Barnes

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    Opera luminary Mignon Dunn accepts her Gari Opera Excellence Award

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    Lisette Oropesa received Arts Honoree from host Scott Barnes

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    Jessica Faselt
    Third Place

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    Sylvia D'Eramo
    Encouragement Award

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    The 2019 Winners & Alumni in Concert
    Back row (left to right): Host Ken Benson, Gari Alumni Takaoki Onishi, Errin Duane Brooks,
    Sylvia D'Eramo, Jessica Faselt, Eliizaveta Ulakovich, Amani Cole-Felder, Derreck Stark
    Front row (left to right): Accompanist Mary Pinto & Chairman of the Gari Foundation Gliria Gari

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    Inaugural Recipient of the Glen Robert Gary Corporate Excellence Award
    Barry Katz with his wife Marilyn

We salute our 2019 winners and our patrons and sponsors who helped make this year possible.

The competition was held at the Liederkranz Foundation.

A winner's concert and dinner was held at the NY Athletic Club.

The winners are as follows:
First Place
Winner of the inaugural Stephen De Maio Opera Excellence Award
ByeongMin Gil, Tenor
Presented by the Max Kade Foundation

Second Place
Derrek Stark, Tenor
Presented by Karl Michaelis

Third Place (tie)
Jessica Faselt, Soprano
Presented by Betty Cooper Wallerstein in memory of Licia Albanese
Elizaveta Ulakhovich, Soprano
Presented by Betty Cooper Wallerstein in memory of Teresa Apolei

Fifth Place
Errin Dunne Brooks, Tenor
Presented by Michele Classe

Sylvia D'Eramo, Soprano
Presented by Elaine Malbin
Matthew Vickers, Tenor
Presented by Joyce Greenberg


Amani Cole-Felder, Soprano
Presented by Paula Barron
Pureum Jo, Soprano
Presented by Noreen Storch

Arts Honorees

Mignon Dunn
Lisette Oropesa
Raquel Saurez Groen

Recipient of the inaugural Glen Robert Gary Corporate Excellence Award
Barry Katz
NEP Group Inc.

Recipient of the inaugural Junior Committee Award

Josh Campbell

Please check back in November 2019 to learn how you can apply for the 2020 Giulio Gari International Vocal Competition or follow us on FaceBook or Instagram.

If you’d like to sponsor an artist , please contact us.


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